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Why Desi Totkay?




  • Because white standards of beauty kill the confidence in the majority of girls and women of color every single day of their lives. They are raised with the very idea that they are inferior, they are ugly.
  • Because white standards of beauty are not something new; they’re not even Western completely. Consider the history of South Asia and its perpetual battle with imperialism and you’ll find those supporting “pure Aryan race” advocating fairness as a standard of beauty.
  • Because Desi men and women and other men and women of color are constantly told through thousands and thousands of commercials, literature, drama series, “success” stories that only fair skin will guarantee them acceptance, progress and love.
  • Because no child of color deserves to have their skin bleached and whitened so that they won’t be bullied when they grow up.
  • Because brown is beautiful. Black is beautiful. Yellow is beautiful.
  • Because telling women of color to whiten their vagina to seem more “sexually appealing” is shamelessly telling a woman of color her body is unacceptable in its natural color.
  • Because it is heartbreaking to tell a brown or black child that they need to apply Fair ‘n’ Lovely thrice a day to look lighter and nicer. Burn that shit right now.
  • Because no woman of color should ever feel dirty for being dark. That her beauty lies in what she was born with. That no racist prick can tell her she’s ugly.
  • Because it hurts to see young women of color lighten their pictures to look cuter, more beautiful, to have people tell them “they’re hot.”
  • Because I am completely done with shadeism.


All of this. ALL OF IT.

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